Lego 8429 Helicopter and Plane


Here we have another model from my childhood. I have built this helicopter model a number of times, although the plane only once. Today was the second time I built the plane, except this time it is virtual.8429 Lego Helicopter

Unity RTS Tutorial Part 4 - Mini Map


Upgrading to Unity 5.6

Unity 5.6 was released recently. I like to keep as up to date with software as I can so decided to try the new version. After installing the new version I reimported the project on first run. So far everything seems to be working fine when I run the game.

Creating the Mini Map

This part is actually pretty simple. A lot of tutorials exist showing how to add functionality to the mini map, but I just want a simple map so we can see an overview of the map.

Unity RTS Tutorial Part 2 - Fully Working Resource System


Adding a new resource

So first up, I have decided to include money in my game. So will update the scripts to include this resource. We need a sprite to include for display in the HUD. Open the Player prefab select the HUD and add a new sprite to the "Resources" List. If you edit this in the Hierarchy be sure to apply the changes to the prefab. Next we need to look at the code. Several modifications are required to add a new resource. Add the following at the end of the switch statement in the "Start()" method of "HUD.cs";

Unity RTS Tutorial Part 1 - Improved mouse control


I didn't intend to start with mouse movement, but while I was testing my game it bothered me how slow the mouse was. While I was thinking about uping the scroll speed I decided to add the ability to hold a button to make the mouse scroll faster.

Updating existing values

To start with I wanted to reposition my camera to be more over head. My main camera now has the following transform values;

Position - x0, y30, z-30
Rotation - x50, y0, z0

RTS development


I will be continuing the development of my RTS, originally based on the tutorial by Edgar Storm. You can follow my original tutorial here, this follows Edgar's tutorial and converts the game to Unity 5.5. This section expands on the features and will take the game to a point that it is properly playable, although still relatively simple.



I hate spam!

Many people think of spam as any unwanted email. In fact there are two types of email that the average person would consider spam. The first is your typical junk mail, mail from companies you may have used at some point or may still be using. The emails while annoying are perfectly legitimate emails. Spam email go beyond junk mail. They are from unscrupulous users in far away companies, trying to trick you into divulging your bank details, selling you drugs you cant get locally or some other such scam.

Lego 8808 Racer

Lego 8808 F1 racer

This was the first LEGO CAD model I completed. I started on the LEGO super car 8880, but realised quite quickly just what an undertaking that was. There are so many different pieces to draw that I was getting no where fast. I decided to draw some smaller models first. That was when I got onto larger ones I would have less components to draw allowing me to concentrate on assembly.

Knex Big Ball Factory

KNEX Big Ball Factory

I have spent some time creating LEGO models in Inventor. The are nostalgia projects of kits I had growing up. I started to find creating LEGO CAD models frustraiting because every kit contains some uncommon pieces. KNEX is much more standard so I decided to have a go creating some KNEX assemblies from my childhood.